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Birch OS is the exclusive provider of the only serialized ERP system in the world purpose-built for the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our cutting-edge software is the solitary solution designed to meet the complex needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, and 3PL providers.

We pride ourselves on seamlessly incorporating serialization into your core operations, ensuring compliance, security, and unmatched efficiency. With Birch Operating Systems, you're investing in a tailored, future-ready solution that simplifies the complexities of pharmaceutical supply chain management. Experience the transformation; explore the power of serialization and ERP combined.

Serialization. The right way.

We are also the only ERP that meets the standards set for both wholesalers and manufacturers. There is no other software or technology currently available that has Birch’s capability to track serialization to the degree of accuracy we’ve achieved.

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Serialization process

A full ERP and then some.

Birch OS wasn’t willing to come to market until we possessed proprietary software and technology that could provide real-time updates for our customers or clients in order to provide the best possible ERP service available. From real-time reporting available to your executive team, to fully automated accounting reconciliation, to inventory management and serialization integration, we do it all. Birch OS is closely involved in every part of your business, ensuring you can run a more productive, more profitable business. 

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A full ERP and then some.

Meet the BOS.

BOS is a major instrument of Birch’s proprietary technology package. BOS lives within the Birch system and provides automated voice reporting. Accessible system-wide from anywhere in the ERP; your executive team is now able to easily access crucial reports and predominant statistics in real-time. 

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BirchOS feature voice assistant technology

Key features and capabilities of BirchOS ERP


Birch OS fully integrates through QuickBooks, providing live updates as your business grows. Birch OS is also capable of automatically reconciling invoices, payments, and purchase orders, as well as adjusting for profit/loss and balance sheets. We provide a full accounting of all products your company touches.


Birch OS ensures that any client who is registered with your warehouse provides relevant licensure and regulatory documents. It also will automatically restrict access to those products in which they are not legally allowed to sell. Lift the liability off your shoulders with Birch OS.  

Inventory Management

No longer will order fulfillment and product management turnover be handled in separate instances. If your current solutions aren’t cutting it? Birch does both!

Payment Processing

Birch OS is secure. All payments are handled in a PCI compliant manner and integrate directly with your merchant. Automated and customizable term management is readily available to those who may need it. 


Birch is hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere in the world. This can be a powerful tool for your business that will reduce productivity downtime. No longer are you forced to compromise your business's bottom-line because of an inconvenient location. Everything ERP, everywhere in the world; Choose Birch OS. 

Detailed Reporting

At the heart of Birch lives its dashboards. CEOs, executive teams, and those who you provide access to will now possess reports on how each individual aspect of your company is running. All in real-time, at the touch of a finger, or the reach of a voice.

Single Serialized Solution

Unlike generic ERPs, our system is uniquely tailored for pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, and 3PL providers, offering customized functionality to meet the specific needs of each segment.

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